About CleverPDF

The team at CleverPDF has been providing document reconstruction solution for years. In 2017, we decided to launch this website, providing PDF conversion and editing tools online, for FREE, so PDF users can easily deal with the daily task all in the web browser. We also partnered with the industrial leading PDF solution provider and provide desktop version for Mac and Windows users. CleverPDF team will keep improving our website and service. Hope you enjoy it!

What's News

2019 Feb 25
Added 5 more new features,including odt to PDF, reorder and delete pages, extract images and image converter.
2018 Dec 05
Released CleverPDF for Mac, the desktop version!
2018 Dec 01
CleverPDF for Windows is updated, added 4 useful PDF tools.
2018 Nov 28
Optimized the service on CleverPDF.com, fixed some bug and enhanced the speed.
2018 Aug 27
Bug fixed and feature updated, better performance and output quality.
2018 Jul 16
Released CleverPDF for Windows, the desktop version!
2018 May 16
Added Turkish, Vietnamese and Indonesian, now supports 17 languages!
2018 May 01
Servers udpated. Now we can process more requests and offer a quicker service.
2018 Apr 23
Improve the program to allow quicker processing, greatly enhanced the speed for PDF conversion.
2018 Jan 16
Added Korean, Swedish, Polish and Dutch!
2017 Dec 07
Added Japanese, Russian.
2017 Nov 08
Added Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
2017 Oct 25
The website is compeletely redesigned, better user experience!
2017 Oct 25
Responsive design, works better for mobile devices.
2017 Sep 13
Optimize the conversion quality, greatly enhanced the PDF to PowerPoint conversion accuracy.
2017 Sep 13
Improve Asian characters conversion feature, the upgrade will greatly enhance the conversion quality for PDF in Chinese,
2017 Jul 6
French and German version;
2017 Jun 1
Added 'PDF Watermark' and 'Rotate PDF' features;
2017 May 29
Added 'Compress PDF' feature;
2017 May 1
New Released! Hope you enjoy using CleverPDF.com!

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