Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for using! Here you can find the frequently asked questions and solutions.

FAQ for the free online service:

Is it safe to upload my files to, how do you deal with the documents?
The site uses a secured connection, and your files will only be used for processing. We don’t view, keep, or share your files with any 3rd parties.
After processing, please download the output file within 30 mins. The program was set to delete the uploaded and output files after 30 minutes automatically.
Or you can click delete the file from the server by yourself after processing. Your file will be removed instantly.
We are working hard on the security of our web service, but please know that once you choose to upload your file to, you agree with our privacy policy.
Is your service really free?
Yes, all the online tools provided on are permanent FREE! We don’t offer membership, so no sign-up or subscription is required. Anyone can get unlimited access to all features.
We offer a paid offline version for desktop users. Please learn more about the Mac and Windows version here.
Any limitations for using the free online service?
The file size limitation is 20MB, if your file is larger than 20 MB, it won't be accepted by the server. This is the only limitation for the online tools, you can use all features as many times as you need.

FAQ for the Offline Desktop version:

Do you provide the offline desktop version?
Yes, we provide Mac and Windows version for desktop users. The desktop version works more efficiently if you are heavy PDF users. You can process batch conversion, advanced options for PDF conversion, and run without the Internet connection. It’s more secure if you want to process confidential documents since it is completely offline and runs on your local computer. For more information, please check out the store.
What is the license policy?
The license is issued per PC. If you purchase a single license, the serial code can be used on 1 computer only. The number of computers depends on the number of licenses you purchased.
If the serial code is used more than the limitation, it will be deactivated, to ensure the license works correctly, if you change your computer or want to transfer the license to other computers, please contact support for updating the license.
Do you provide technical support?
Yes, we'd love to hear your suggestions or feedback, we will also try to reply to all the emails within 48 hours. We provide technical support for desktop versions too. Please reach us via [email protected].
Does the desktop app support free updates?
Yes, once purchased, you enjoy the free update for the future versions. You'll be notified within the app when a newer version is available.

FAQ for educational and company clients:

Do you offer a discount for academic users?
Yes, we offer a discount for academic users, please contact support with your school-issued email address (may include .edu, .k12 or other email domains sponsored by educational institutions). If you don’t have one but you have an active student or faculty ID or other documents, please contact us, you can still enjoy an educational discount! We will send you the coupon code for 50%OFF.
Company volume sales
If you want to purchase a large number of licenses (50+) for a company or organization, please contact us for more information.
Do you offer API or SKI for developers or the company for internal usage?
No, currently we don’t offer API or SDK solutions for developers. The app doesn’t support the command line either.
Special document conversion customization is available.
What is the document conversion customization service?
When using CleverPDF to convert PDF to other formats, such as Word, Excel, or PPT, if there are some problems for your special documents, and you have a large number of such files, we can make some changes to the current version just for you in order to meet your requirements.
Our developers can also extract the data from PDF and arrange them in the output formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint according to your requirements instead of keeping the formatting in the original PDF. We charge the development fee according to the work and the normal license fee.
Please feel free to contact us.